Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete polishing is an emerging option in flooring systems. Concrete polishing was an unknown option for flooring. Diamond-polishing technology allows concrete surfaces can be polished to look like mirrors. Floor Logic provides concrete polishing, care, and maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers in Palm Beach County and Broward County. If you have any questions regarding polished concrete floors give us at Floor Logic a call at 954-901-1709.


Prices are fixed upfront and cannot be changed unless additional work has been requested.

We keep our overhead low so that you, the client, can enjoy it. We emphasize “Pride” every day. We take pride in our work and can offer high-quality floor coating services at very reasonable rates. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind every job we do.



Floor Logic offers the best quality, durable and moisture-controlled industrial flooring. Floor Logic’s goal is to reduce costs while improving workplace efficiency and appearance. We’re here. We’re here to help. With safety precautions in place, you can focus on your business while having peace of mind. Concrete polishing is a solution to warehouse managers’ concerns about floor conditions. Concrete polishing is the number one choice in South Florida with Floor Logic. Floor Logic is the best option for concrete polishing in South Florida.



Retail customers ARE your business. Floor Logic will maintain concrete floors even when there is constant foot traffic. Floor Logic is the best option for South Florida retail concrete polishing. We are reliable and trustworthy. Retail is all about flooring. Do not trust your flooring to amateurs or to low-priced shops. Instead, trust professionals. All of our products and services are designed to ensure safety for customers and pedestrians. The results we achieve are unparalleled in aesthetics. Concrete floors are given a glossy and luster finish. Customers will notice that you take care of concrete floors.



Floor Logic can help you keep your office, loft space, or commercial space’s non-slip flooring and preserve its durability throughout its lifetime. Our services will give your floor space a glossy, veneer-like appearance for many years. Long-term concrete floors will last longer due to our long-standing experience as a top concrete polishing company in West Palm Beach FL, and the surrounding area. Concrete-based retail floor polishing can be a challenging task. You want the best quality and the most affordable solution. Floor Logic can help you! Floor Logic is the best because every client is treated like they are our FIRST customer. Our company is affordable and our quality is outstanding, which is why it has been around for so many years. We are the leader in retail concrete polishing in Palm City and the surrounding area.



Floor Logic can help you protect your warehouse concrete floor polishing requirements. A long-standing concrete polisher in Deerfield Beach is Floor Logic. Floor workers, forklift drivers, and anyone else who visits your facility are protected. Our floor polishing services can be cleaned easily and are chemical-resistant. South Florida concrete polishing professionals are your best choice. Do not waste your money or time on amateurs. Our team is efficient and will complete the job on time. We also minimize disruption to your Warehouse operations. From the Foreman to Loaders, no one should have to worry. There is so much to do. Floor Logic is the best concrete flooring company for safety and durability. Concrete polishing is what we do best and are proud of the results. If you have any questions regarding polished concrete floors give us at Floor Logic a call at 954-901-1709.

Polished Concrete Floors

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